Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What to do with $12,000 - IsoTruss Mountain Bike

This has got to be the most amazing bicycle I have ever seen:
Delta7Sports - IsoTruss Mountain Bike

I quite frankly stole this image from their site, so please click through the link and give them a page hit or two.

From the description they take a single carbon fiber and wrap it around Kevlar strings to create this 'lattice' work frame.

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Mended Meanderer said...

This is definitely a very sexy beast! I have a feeling even if I had the dough to invest I would have the following reservations:

1-Being so pretty, I would consider it a work of art rather than a ridable frame.

2-Being 265 lbs. I have a feeling that I would put a hurting on this frame and quickly be out my 12 grand.

3-I have no aspirations of racing.

But still this is one sexy beast that would certainly turn heads at any trail!