Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some Cycling Photos

NeilK has been packing a digital camera around with him on our rides. I have gotta catch up in the gadget race eventually.

GeekCyclist and JuniorSprinter at the MS-150

JS at the top of Little Mountian - Salt Lake City, UT

Both of us on the summit - I'd smile but I am trying to eat a clif bar.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Put it in the ditch.

I tried to think of some snappy lyrics to the tune of "Puttin' on the Ritz", but the best I could do was the title because my head hurts too much.

NeilK, JuniorSprinter and I took off from downtown Salt Lake around 3:30 and headed up Emigration Canyon to Little Mountain. The other two left me quickly on the uphills, and I just tried to motor on at my own pace. After a few minutes at the summit, we headed back down. I love this descent. It's fast, and just twisty enough to be a true thrill.

For the first time, JS passed my during one of the straights, and as we approached a tight hairpin turn I overtook him on the inside. Then I realized I was in trouble. I hit the brakes hard, slid a little off the back, but couldn't avoid going into the "ditch" on the uphill side of the road. I know I bounced a couple of times, and the right side of the bike is a little scratched up, as is the derailleur.

But it's the helmet that gets to me. My head does hurt, but that pic only shows a little of the damage sustained by my one month old helmet. I am so glad I had it on. Most of the back half of the helmet is cracked and destroyed.

I'm basically okay. I've got a little road rash on both legs, and some scrapes and bruises on my hip and shoulders. Still, one look at the helmet (I can't quit) tells me it could have been much worse.

I think JuniorSprinter may have been shaken up worse than I was. After I got up and we started back down the canyon, I don't think he peddled at all. This is a guy who went down hard at the ms-150 two weeks ago and wanted to keep going on a tacoed wheel. I guess it's different when dad turfs it.