Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogger Beta

When I heard that Google had purchased Blogger I don't think it fazed me at all. But I was looking at the new beta interface and I am getting really excited to make the switch. There are details here but these are some of the highlights I am looking forward to:
  • New color and font options. I do c# web developement for my job, so I know changing the look and feel of a site is not that hard. But it takes time that I just don't have.
  • Categorized posts. Several other services have had this for a long time. I hesitate to do IT or backpacking or other posts becuase I think most of "you" come here for the cycling related stuff. I think with categories I will be more willing to open up the other topics.
  • Better feed options. I have had trouble with a long lag on my RSS feed. I hope this takes care of it.
All I have to do now is wait for my site to get flagged by the powers that be so I can convert it.

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